European Academy of Sociology
Publication Prizes

EAS Distinguished Publication Prizes

2019: Prize given to Robert Braun for his article "Minorities and the Clandestine Collective Action Dilemma: The Secret Protection of Jews during the Holocaust." American Journal of Sociology 124 (2018): 263-308.

2018: Prize given to Aaron Reeves, Sam Friedman, Charles Rahal, and Magne Flemmen for their article “The Decline and Persistence of the Old Boy: Private Schools and Elite Recruitment 1897 to 2016.” American Sociological Review 82 (2017): 1139-1166.

2017: Prize given to Julien Brailly for his article "Dynamics of Networks in Trade Fairs. A Multilevel Relational Approach to the Cooperation among Competitors." Journal of Economic Geography 16 (2016): 1279-1301.

2016: Prize given to Mark Lutter for his article “Do Women Suffer from Network Closure? The Moderating Effect of Social Capital on Gender Inequality in a Project-Based Labor Market, 1929 to 2010.” American Sociological Review 80 (2015): 329-358.
2016: Prize given to David Brady and Amie Bostic for their article “Paradoxes of Social Policy Welfare Transfers, Relative Poverty, and Redistribution Preferences.” American Sociological Review, 80 (2015): 268-298.

2015: Prize given to Antonie Knigge, Ineke Maas, and Marco van Leeuwen for their article "Sources of Sibling (Dis)similarity: Total Family Impact on Status Variation in the Netherlands in the Nineteenth Century". American Journal of Sociology 120 (2014), 908-948.

2014: Prize given to Javier Polavieja for his article "Socially Embedded Investments: Explaining Gender Differences in Job-Specific Skills", American Journal of Sociology 18 (2012): 592-634.
2014: Prize given to Heiko Rauhut for his article "Beliefs about Lying and Spreading of Dishonesty: Undetected Lies and Their Constructive and Destructive Social Dynamics in Dice Experiments". PLoS One 8 (2013): e77878.

2013: Prize given to Monica Prasad for her book "The Land of Too Much: American Abundance and the Paradox of Poverty.", Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
2013: Prize given to Clemens Kroneberg and Andreas Wimmer for their article "Struggling Over the Boundaries of belonging: A Formal Model of Nation Building, Ethnic Closure, and Populism", American Journal of Sociology 118 (2012): 176-230.

2011: Prize given to Balazs Vedres and David Stark for their article “Structural Folds: Generative Disruption in Overlapping Groups”, American Journal of Sociology 115 (2010): 1150-1190.
2011: Prize given to Camille Roth and Jean-Philippe Cointet for their article ”Social and Semantic Coevolution in Knowledge Networks“, Social Networks 32 (2010): 16-29.

2010: Prize given to Ivan Ermakoff for his book “Ruling Oneself Out. A Theory of Collective Abdication”. Durham, NC: Duke University Press 2008.
2010: Prize given to Stijn Ruiter and Frank Tubergen for their article “Religious Attendance in Cross-National Perspective: A Multilevel Analysis of 60 Countries”, American Journal of Sociology 115 (2009): 863-895.

2009: Prize given to Steven Pfaff for his book “Exit-Voice Dynamics and the Collapse of East Germany. The Crisis of Leninism and the Revolution of 1989”, Duke University Press 2006.
2009: Prize given to Vincent Buskens and Arnout van de Rijt for their article “Dynamics of Networks if Everyone Strives for Structural Holes”, American Journal of Sociology 114 (2008): 371-407.

2008: Prize given to Rolf Ziegler for his work on “The Kula Ring of Bronislaw Malinowski”, Verlag der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

2006: Prize given to Stathis N. Kalyvas for his book “The Logic of Violence in Civil War”, Cambridge University Press.

2005: Prize given to Marek Kaminski for his book "Games Prisoners Play. The Tragic World of Polish Prison", Princeton University Press.