European Academy of Sociology - Fellows

Prof. Dr. Frank Kalter

Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Mannheim
D-68131 Mannheim


Prof. Dr. Frank Kalter

Council Member of the European Academy of Sociology


Frank Kalter, Prof., Dr. phil., is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Mannheim since 2009. He studied mathematics and sociology at the University of Cologne, and received his doctorate and habilitation in sociology from the University of Mannheim. He held a chair of sociology at the Institute of Sociology in Leipzig from 2004-2008. He was a visiting fellow at the Office of Population Research (OPR), Princeton University, and at Nuffield College, Oxford University, and "Reinhard Wippler visiting professor" at the University of Utrecht. Frank Kalter is a member of the German Council for Social and Economic Data (RatSWD) for the 2008-2010 term. His major research interests include migration, integration of ethnic minorities, methods, and formal models. He is the author of "Wohnortwechsel in Deutschland" (1997), "Chancen, Fouls und Abseitsfallen" (2003), and "Migration und Integration" (ed., 2008).