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Prof. Dr. Raymond Boudon

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Prof. Dr. Raymond Boudon

Honorary Fellow of the European Academy of Sociology


Raymond Boudon, 1934 - 2013. Professor: University of Paris-Sorbonne. Member: Académie des Sciences morales et politiques, Academia Europaea, British Academy, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, International Academy of Human Sciences of St Petersburg, Central European Academy of Arts and Sciences. Has been fellow at the Center for advanced study in the behavioural sciences, and invited professor notably at Harvard, Oxford, and the Universities of Geneva, Chicago, and Stockholm. Has published notably: Education, opportunity and social inequality (1974), The logic of social action (1981), Theories of social change (1986), The Analysis of ideology (1989), The Art of self-persuasion (1994), The Origin of Values (2000), Toqueville for Today (2006), Sociology as Science (2012); M. Cherkaoui and P. Hamilton (eds.) (2009) Raymond Boudon: A Life in Sociology. Essays in Honour of Raymond Bopudon. 4 vols.