European Academy of Sociology - Fellows

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Blossfeld

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Chair of Sociology I
Lichtenheidestrasse 11
Postfach 1549
96045 Bamberg


Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Blossfeld

Fellow of the European Academy of Sociology


Hans-Peter Blossfeld was born in 1954 in Munich. He studied sociology, economics, social statistics and computer science at the University of Regensburg (1976-80), took his doctorate in economics at the University of Mannheim (1984) and his Habilitation in sociology at the Free University of Berlin (1987). He is Professor of Sociology (Chair in Theory and Empirical Analysis of Social Structures and Economics Systems) at the University of Bielefeld. He was formerly Professor of Sociology at the European University Institute in Florence (1989-92) and Professor of Sociology (Chair in Social Statistics and Sociological Research Methods) at the University of Bremen (1992-98). He was a research scientist at the VASMA (Vergleichende Analysen der Sozialstruktur mit Massendaten) project at the University of Mannheim (1980-84) and senior research scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and education in Berlin (1984-89). In the academic year 1988-89 he was a research fellow at the Netherlands Institute for the Advanced Study (NIAS) in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Wassenaar, The Netherlands. He has also taught and held visiting positions universities all over the world. Since 1990 he has been editor of the European Sociological Review. He has published twelve books and over one hundred articles on social inequality, youth, family educational sociology, labour market research, demography, social stratification and mobility, the modern methods of quantitative social research and statistical methods for longitudinal analysis. He directed the GLOBALIFE project, a major multidisciplinary and international comparative research project at Bielefeld University. Since 2002 he is professor of sociology at the University of Bamberg